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"Pandolfi's Labyrinth"

Little is known of composer Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli. Exploring his published work and piecing together what we do know about him, this virtuoso violinist had an extraordinary and adventurous life. Stories of distant travels, forbidden loves, court debauchery and even murder all colour the palate of Pandolfi’s music so vividly! 

Discover epic tales, characters and musical experiences in the trilogy recordings, accompanied by notes about my inspirations.

1/3: "La Clemente"  

2/3: "La Bernabea" 

3/3: "La Melana"     

Prelude: Impromptu Improvisation on Sonata 5 op 3, "La Clemente"

Majka Demcak - baroque violin

Cullen O'Neil - baroque cello

Elliot Figg - harpsichord

 Mount Parnassus Foundation video

Recorded in the National Music Centre, Studio Bell

Calgary, AB 

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