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As a classically trained violinist with a strong traditional folk background from her Slovak heritage, Majka Demcak performs music from the Baroque and Classical eras with zest and an improvisational freedom, compelled by a search for enchantment and magic in all the music that she plays. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree from The Juilliard School’s Historical Performance program where she trained and performed on stages from Paris to New Zealand with world renowned musicians and directors. As one of the founding members of Quartet Salonnieres, Majka Demcak is passionate about bringing a reinvigorated approach and sound to the classical repertoire of string quartet playing, highlighting the voices of the lesser-known contemporaries of Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. In New York City, she has performed in Alice Tully Hall, recorded concerts for Gotham Early Music Scene and performed with The Little OPERA Theatre of New York. Back in her home country, Canada, Majka Demcak is a founding member of the baroque ensemble Gallo Chamber Players, has performed with Pacific Baroque Orchestra, and was featured as an emerging artist in the Vancouver Bach Festival. She is proudly a member/muse of the Alberta-based Mount Parnassus Foundation where she has recently recorded a Handel project.

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Majka Demcak is the artistic director and founder of the St. Augustine Series in Vancouver, BC. Demcak is honoured to build a home for the community and local artists to come together and share in live-music experiences that feature works from the Baroque Era and beyond.


Supported by Early Music Vancouver and St. Augustine Catholic Church, Vancouver.

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